Get a Visual of Your Pipe Clog in the Inland Empire

When your drains are spilling over, your toilet is gurgling or there is a whiff of sewage in your home, you know you are dealing with an obstruction deep in your plumbing. To give you a visual confirmation and help us decide the best course of action, Pride Plumbing offers a professional camera inspection service in the Inland Empire.

The Camera Inspection Process

Camera inspections are non-destructive, meaning they will leave your pipes just the way are. Our plumbers will:

  • Use a truck with equipment to lower a video camera reel into the pipeline
  • Control the camera remotely to get to the problem area
  • Illuminate the area with lights near the camera
  • Record and display the obstruction on a screen
  • Pull the camera up and discuss the next steps

What a Camera Inspection Can Conclude

Typically, there will be three main issues causing all the water backups in your home.

Tree roots are powerful. Just like how they can penetrate and distort a concrete sidewalk, they can be destructive to your pipes. We will have to replace that section of the pipe.

Tree roots can cause this, but it can also be due to older pipes that have finally outlived their use.

It is interesting to know what keeps getting stuck in your pipes. Unlike tree roots or old building materials, it gives you a chance to rethink what goes down your drains and toilets. Many people don’t know all of the items that are okay to dispose of through plumbing. Generally, you want to avoid:

  • Grease
  • Large quantities of food in the garbage disposal
  • Paper towels, feminine hygiene products or any bathroom product except toilet pape

It isn’t pleasant to deal with sewer issues, but Pride Plumbing makes it a goal to be pleasant to work with. We’re a team of passionate, customer-oriented plumbing experts. We have inspected pipes all over the Inland Empire and are proud to have solved whatever came our way.

Pride Plumbing Shows Inside

Call us to learn how a camera inspection can help identify what’s causing your plumbing problems. Call Pride Plumbing at (909) 372-1239.