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Clearing Up Some Common Myths About Water Filtration

An inefficient water filtering system is the root cause of chlorine odor and murky water. It purifies the water so that it can be safely consumed by humans. While many might benefit from using a water filter, misconceptions about them have discouraged potential buyers. Pride Plumbing Services, your trusted plumbers in Beaumont, California, wants to dispel these myths so you may make educated choices for your home:

1.They Cost Way Too Much

Water filtration systems are often overlooked because of the misconception that they are out of reach for most households. The reality is that a variety of choices exist to meet a variety of requirements and price points. They save money because you won’t have to spend money every month on bottled water. If you need assistance determining which filtration system is ideal for your house, give us a call.

2. They are difficult to maintain.

In a word, no. To keep in good working order, a water filtration system needs only to be serviced by a plumber twice a year. There is a six-month replacement window for their cartridges as well.

3. Clean water doesn’t have a foul odor or flavor.

It is possible for water to contain harmful substances even though it smells and tastes fine. There are numerous examples of towns that utilize chemical treatments to their drinking water supplies. Though it might not be as untainted as you believe it to be now. It’s recommended that you have a plumber come out and check your pipes and water supply. They will evaluate the plumbing system and decide if water filtration installation or maintenance is required.

4. Boiling Water Is Safest

Boiling water kills bacteria and viruses, but it also raises nitrite and lead levels. In addition, it won’t clean the water of silt or contaminated industrial byproducts. As a result, if you want to drink water that is both safe and delicious, a good water filtering system is a must.

Contact Pride Plumbing Services if you have any further questions regarding water filtration systems or if you are ready to reap the benefits of having one installed. If you ever need help with a plumbing issue, we’re here for you. Make an appointment with us right away by calling.