Water Heater Replacement & Installation
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Water Heater Replacement & Installation

At Pride Plumbing, we’re proud to provide communities in Redlands, CA, and nearby regions with a variety of exceptional services, and water heater replacement is no exception. Our team of top-notch technicians has the necessary training to install numerous types, styles, and models of water heaters, meaning that you can have peace of mind knowing that they’ll complete your replacement in a timely manner and without error!


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Johnathan A.
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I have been a customer of Pride Plumbing for almost 2 years and will never call any other plumber's again. Most dependable, honest, fast response and fair prices. Thank You Bill and Jessie for your service and attention to detail.
Robert F.
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We had the best experience we’ve ever had dealing with a company! From start to finish we were totally impressed with the professionalism, communication and service! Our technician Germaine Q. Came on time and found the source of our leak. He was so helpful and informative on what we needed to do to winterize our new home. I will definitely be calling Pride Plumbing for any plumbing needs going forward!
Jennifer K.
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My experience with PRIDE has been outstanding, to say the least. Starting with a quick response, they arrived promptly and I was impressed with how the job itself went. I had an outdoor leak that Bill Hernandez & Tyler Ginter were able to diagnose, and repair on the spot. I've already recommended PRIDE to my family, but I will certainly be a repeat customer should the need arise. I really appreciate these guys!
Jennifer K.
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Needed to have a sewer pipe replaced and Stephen was very professional and had some options available. Was able to start the next day and finished so quick. The work is very high quality and Stephen and his team were incredible. Will definitely be going back to them for future plumbing needs.
Jennifer K.
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So professional and responded with in hours on a Saturday when we discovered our shower had no hot water. Our plumber technician, Germaine was so helpful, knowledgeable and polite. He explained everything clearly and did exactly what he said he was going to do in exactly the price and time frame he quoted. It was honestly the smoothest plumbing service experience we have ever had. I highly recommend this company. Words cannot express how positive our experience was with Pride Plumbing!

When Should You Schedule a Water Heater Replacement?

Water heater replacement may be necessary when you notice certain signs indicating your unit’s declining performance. For example, an old water heater nearing the end of its lifespan may start showing signs of wear and tear. If your hot water heater frequently fails to heat water adequately — leaving you with cold showers — this is a clear indicator of a failing water heater.

Additionally, visible corrosion or leaks around the unit — especially in the storage tank — signal potential issues. Rising water heater replacement costs for frequent repairs and increasing energy costs are other red flags. As a result, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these red flags so that you can schedule a water heater replacement before any problems arise.

The lifespan of water heaters varies depending on the type of unit — electric water heaters typically last 10-15 years, while gas water heaters may reach up to 20 years. Tankless water heaters, both gas tankless water heaters and electric tankless water heaters, often have a longer lifespan of 20-25 years due to their energy efficiency and on-demand heating. 

However, the actual lifespan is strongly influenced by factors like maintenance, water quality, and usage. Knowing the typical lifespan of your water heater helps you plan for potential water heater replacement in the future and make informed decisions about water heater installation.

Determining whether to replace or repair your water heater involves considering several factors. Start by evaluating the water heater’s size, type, and age. If your unit is approaching or past its expected lifespan, installing a new water heater may be more cost-effective in the long run, even if there is a higher upfront water heater installation cost.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to factor in the efficiency of your current unit — replacing it with a newer, energy-efficient water heater can help you save money on energy costs over time. If repairs become frequent and costly, it may be time to prioritize water heater replacement to avoid further expenses and inconvenience.

Upgrading to a new water heater offers various benefits. Modern water heaters, such as condensing tankless water heaters and solar water heaters, are more energy efficient, reducing your energy bills. This improved energy efficiency not only helps the environment but also enhances your home’s overall comfort. Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand, eliminating the need to store hot water in a storage tank, which can save valuable space. 

Moreover, a new water heater installation ensures the latest safety features, including pressure valves and efficient venting, promoting safety and peace of mind. By investing in a water heater replacement, you’ll not only improve your hot water supply but also increase your home’s energy savings and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns associated with older units.

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