Fresher Water Means Better Health and Taste

City water makes a lot of people nervous. And the truth is, you never know what might end up in your tap water. In addition, there is already knowledge that it contains additions that aren’t desirable for taste, smell, health, plumbing fixtures and more.

Pride Plumbing provides three services for improving what comes out of your tap: filtration, purification and softening.

Remove Impurities With Water Filtration

Your body might need some minerals, but it can do without the other harmful things that might lurk in your water. A water filter will remove:

  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Magnesium
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Iron
  • Fluoride
  • & More

These components can at best be an annoyance and at worst a detriment to you health.

Sterilize With Water Purification

We highly recommend that you use a water purification system in conjunction with a water filtration system, because after the removal of minerals, bacteria and fungi can still be present. A purification system will kill off any unwelcome lifeforms.

Eliminate Buildup With Water Softeners

Hard water contains a lot of mineral deposits that make it unpleasant to use, causing scale buildup that can lead to costly breakdowns. The main minerals responsible are limestone and chalk or magnesium and calcium carbonate. If you have hard water, using a water softener can result in:

  • Cleaner glasses and silverware
  • Cleaner showerheads, toilets and faucets
  • Better suds for dishes
  • Fewer plumbing breakdowns

If you are unsure if your water is hard or soft, there is a simple test:

  1. Take an empty bottle of water
  2. Fill it halfway with tap water
  3. Add ten drops of liquid soap
  4. Put the cap on, and shake it

If the water is mostly clear with a thick layer of fluffy suds, your water is soft. It is hard if the water looks cloudy and the soap does not create many suds.

The quality of your water is undeniably very important for your family, your plumbing fixtures and anything you use your tap water for. Pride Plumbing has the water filtration solutions that will help you.

Get Fresh Water and Keep It

For maintenance or repair of your water filtration, softener or purification system, contact us today at (909) 372-1239.